What is your photography style?

When it comes to style, we believe in capturing your day as real as it is. Most weddings are bright and romantic so our images reflect that. Each image will be enhanced, with more detailed editing done when required (key images, portraits, etc.). We avoid using filters or purchased presets as they can sometimes date your photos to the current editing trend. As for how we approach the day, our main goal is for you two, your family, and you friends to have fun. We do understand people need to be told how to stand (not everyone is a model lol), but we also want to make sure your images have that candid documentary feel. We want to see laughs, but also see the love between you and your partner!

Behind the scenes, shooting on skates!

What makes your work different from other photographers?

Apart from style, as mentioned above, we love a good adventure! From hiking down the crack in the pitch dark after an engagement session, to shooting a first look wedding entirely on skates, the sky is the limit. Getting creative and thinking outside the box is part of the job and it's something we love doing. We want your photos to be special, but to also be something completely different than what others may have. We want you to look back at your photos remembering how special and magical it all was.

How do you make sure our images are safe?

This is extremely important and something you should also ask all photographers you meet. With technology today you have no warning when it will fail. We've experienced this before with an engagement session many years ago, to which we were able to get their images back, but according to other stories we have heard, not all are so lucky. Worst case, most sessions can be re-done, but calling all your family and friends back for a wedding is just not possible. To have an almost fool proof procedure, we have multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and are part of Canon Professional Services that can ship us replacements within 24hrs if need be. Our cameras also allow us to backup your photos on a separate memory card as we are shooting. To take it one step further, we don't shoot all day on one set, we replace them up to 3 times throughout the day (that's a total of up to 12 memory cards used). At the end of the day we backup your photos to the cloud overnight and to 2 external hard drives. We sleep better that way!

Jonelle and Jamie in Sedona, Arizona

Do you travel?

Absolutely!!! We love to photograph weddings or engagements outside of our hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. Even though we only book a certain amount of destination weddings (outside of Canada) per year, definitely let us know if you are looking into some place special.

We have a bucket list of places and sometimes offer discounts to make sure that list comes true. Michael also travels to Phoenix at least once a year to visit family, so if checking out the Grand Canyon is on your to-do list, why not coordinate a session with him there?

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes! We love working with some of the best in the industry. Although we love working with all vendors, there are a few that we believe are top of the bunch. Finding a team that has a track record of working well together can also be an advantage for you. In our magazine we have pages dedicated to some of our favourites (need to book a meeting to get it). They have also included some tips here for you that they believe are important in helping you choose the right vendor. Some have even offered discounts or bonuses if you book me and mention our magazine! On that note, if they are already booked, we have a huge list of others we would love to share with you.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

Our wedding collections come with one photographer, but you can always add a second if needed, for an additional cost. Make sure to let us know if your wedding requires a second photographer. We would love to discuss options.

Do we have to buy prints through you?

Some collections require you to order through us, but if you apply your 'a la carte' credit towards the print resolution option, you won't need to. Remember you can also get print resolution images free with the purchase of a wedding album. If they are included, we still highly recommend ordering through our professional vendors, but it is not required. The difference in quality is huge, so we definitely encourage you to let us help!

Do you have tips for Engagement Sessions and Weddings?

We sure do!! BUT... you'll have to book a consult to hear more and also pick up a copy of our pricing guide. The guide includes so much information it will be a huge help in planning everything!