AKAISERPHOTo Photography Studio

Drawing on the unique charm that his home studio once offered, the aKaiserPhoto Photography Studio now located on Elgin Street in downtown Sudbury, is set amidst a backdrop of bright atmosphere and elegant furniture, and offers a myriad of creative possibilities. Stocked with studio lights, props, and backdrops, there is no shortage of inspiration abounding in this studio.

Despite the challenges that 2020 brought as a result of the pandemic, Michael found a way to use Covid to push through and forge ahead to grow his business. Not only did he find creative ways to adjust to the changing times, but through determination and commitment, he opened his studio.

Whether you are looking for a family session, a romantic shoot with the love of your life, a set of laughter and smiles that can only be captured between best friends, or classy photographs to add to your personal repertoires, you can rest assured that the aKaiserPhoto studio is professional and brings a vibe of eloquence and comfort.

The aKaiserPhoto studio will also be available as a rented creative space in the future (contact me here). Whether you need space for a small meeting with out-of-towners, a space where you can get out of the office, or you're a photographer/videographer needing a space for your creative ideas, it is the perfect accommodating spot for you.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Sudbury, the studio is reminiscent of life in the Nickel City—full of heart, inspiration, adventure, and connectedness.

"Life is all about the little joys, and with a studio that is a perfect little joy, you can’t get much better than this!"

168 Elgin Street

Sudbury, Ontario