The Process


It's important to us that you feel confident in your photographer. Confidence is created with a structured plan and a plan will put your entire day into perspective. We are one of the only vendors that can be there from beginning to end, a great resource and help for the entire process.


STEP 1 - Let's meet!

Booking the right photographer is all about feeling comfortable with the person behind the lens. Feeling comfortable = better photos and more fun along the whole journey. For this reason, we do not give pricing online. Meeting is a key component to making the right decision.

Step 2 - Take your time..

After we meet, you can take all the information home to discuss it between the two of you. It’s important that you have the opportunity to look over everything at a time and place that is more comfortable for you. Take the time to think about all the options available to decide which is the perfect package for you. Feel free to message or email any questions you may have.

Step 3 - Choose us!

Once you have decided which package suits you best, we can handle all the paperwork online. It's super simple and 100% mobile friendly. We will just need a little information from you to get the process started. We will send you a quote and contract, followed by the invoice once that's taken care of. Once your first retainer payment is made, your date is locked in and the engagement session planning can begin!

Step 4 - Engagement Planning

This is going to be fun. Let the planning begin! We will send you a Tips & FAQ webpage to help with the many questions you may have. This will also be a great help to figuring out how to make your engagement session unique and/or an adventure. Once you have had a chance to read it we will send you a questionnaire so we can get to know you better and see what you envision. We will also make sure to select dates that work for us all!

Step 5 - Help you plan

We will continue communication as time goes on. You are welcome to reach out at anytime to explain progress in your wedding day planning and ask for suggestions or guidance on ways to better capture your special day. The more communication, the more likely everything will go smoothly on the big day.

Step 6 - Timeline planning

As your wedding day approaches, we will set up a final meeting (one or two weeks prior to your day). At this meeting, we will take care of the final deposit amount, create a detailed timeline of events, and discuss locations, shots, and more. This will help put your whole day into perspective and allow planning accordingly.

Step 7 - THE BIG DAY!

IT'S THE BIG DAY! A few days prior to the day, you will receive a detailed timeline of events. You will be required to quickly review it, just to make sure everything is right! We will maintain constant communication as the day goes on so we don’t sway too far from the plan. This way, you can just sit back, relax, sip on some champagne, and enjoy! Candid, unexpected moments and events are also super fun, so remember this is only a guide! The goal is to make sure the moments that are most important to you go off without a hitch!

Step 8 - You're MARRIED!

CONGRATULATIONS! Boy did that go fast (hehe). Weddings often feel like they start and end before you know it! Sometimes, important friends and family can’t make it for certain reasons, so we always like to post a teaser on Facebook the night of, or the following day (not necessary if you want to keep it private). This way they will still be able to see how special your day was, without having to wait until all your photos are done. Plus, it's exciting for you to see as well! Depending on the package you chose, images can be done anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks.

Step 9 - Your photos are done

Your photos are done! Now it's time to set up your viewing. We always love meeting up one final time to chat and hear about the big day. We also want to share some of the excitement. So, we love watching your slideshow teaser together with you. From there we will give you your custom USB and box, so you can go home and enjoy all the photos at your own pace!

Step 10 - REVIEW US

Don't worry, there is no big rush! We want you to really enjoy this time and of course your photos. But, roughly two weeks after you receive them, we'll send you an email with different links to where you can write us a little review. We love hearing what couples think, especially after they have had the time to take it all in!